Józsefváros Urban Rehabilitation and Development Company


RÉV8, a publicly owned company, was established in 1997 with the aim to design and oversee urban development projects in the 8th district of Budapest. The district is located on the edge of the city centre and has a population of 77 000. In the last two decades, RÉV8 has gained an expertise in both policy development and project management. The company has prepared numerous strategic and policy documents, and managed large scale urban rehabilitation projects on behalf of the local municipal government. RÉV8 was the first to adapt Western European models of complex urban rehabilitation in Hungary, addressing issues of urban segregation and deprivation, resulting in the first phase of the Magdolna Quarter Program, which has been followed by three further phases, right up to today. In designing its interventions, the company has a focus on social integration and community involvement, combining hard, infrastructural interventions with social work and community building efforts. The company has gained great experience in participatory planning methods on various scales – from the level of tenement buildings, up to the neighbourhood level.