Past projects

Magdolna Quarter Program (I-III): The Magdolna Quarter Program was Hungary’s first truly integrated socially sensitive regeneration project. Taking place in one of the most deprived areas in Budapest, it aimed to strengthen local society as well as improving housing and living conditions. With an area based integrated approach and a focus on public participation, the project combined physical and social interventions in order to tackle the complex problems of the neighbourhood. The project includes elements starting from the refurbishment of municipal owned housing stock and semi-private condominiums, the renewal of public spaces, the implementation of crime prevention actions, together with social as and employment programs, community building and cultural events. The public involvement process has included local meetings as well as community actions (e.g. community planting, making public furniture, painting buildings). The first phase of the program, running between 2005 and 2008 was followed by a second (2008-2010) and third phase (2013-2015). Building on accumulated knowledge, each new phase attempted to improve on the last, taking successful project elements further and including new ones as necessary.