Rév8 Plc.

Our colleagues participate in the urban development activities that are currently underway in Józsefváros. Our key task is to renew Józsefváros by means of a complex set of tools developed for rehabilitation. Our complex task includes the planning and elaboration of rehabilitation programs, the preparation of decisions and the implementation and management of individual projects. In addition, our company’s special line comprises the elaboration of concepts in the area of urban development covering the entire district and asset management tasks. Currently we are working on three big projects: the Corvin Sétány Program (Corvin Promenade Program), the Európa Belvárosa-Budapest Program (“Budapest – Downtown of Europe” Program) and the Magdolna Negyed Program (The Magdolna Quarter Program, Budapest - Józsefváros). We are especially proud of the latter one, since one of its unique features is that the people in the city quarter are also involved in the program that enjoys the financial support of the European Union.

Our owners: The Local Government of District 8 with a 60,9% share and the Local Government of Budapest with a 39,1% share. Our company is an organization operating as a closed joint stock company that performs public tasks basically for the Local Government of Józsefváros and is also engaged in preparing and executing decisions. It effectively reconciles public interest with a market oriented approach. High-quality professional work is ensured by a range of qualified experts that have been recruited for diverse tasks in the area of urban development. Our staff includes architects, urban planning specialists, economists, lawyers, sociologists, social workers as well as geographers. In this way, we have at our disposal the best experts in every possible field, whether it be technical or financial planning, keeping contact with residents, or the management of different projects.